The Artwork of
Henry E. Kidd

Fine Virginia Artist
& Author


War Between the States

War Between the States B&W Drawings





Revolutionary War Art

Colonials on the Heights
May, 1781

General Laffayette and the Continental Line attacking General Cornwallace's British troops in Petersburg, Va.

The Longing




In Pursuit of Liberty
Early war Continental and Militia soldiers.


Final Road to Liberty
General George Washington and French General Rochambeau on the road to Yorktown.
September 1781



For Constitutional Liberty
Monmouth, NJ, June 28, 1778
Fighting for Constitutional Liberty


Morning Guard
His Majesty's 40th Regiment of Foot

Out of the Valley
Washington and the newly retrained Continental Army leave Valley Forge behind as they head north to attack the British Army.


Subjects of the Crown
Britian's final show of strength in Williamsburg, Virginia. Sunner, 1781


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